Moonsie Docs


Dedicated Team And A Shared Vision

Our founding team consists of friends and colleagues who work closely together and have formed strong bonds over the years we have known each other. Each of the team members plays a crucial role in the implementation of Moonsie NFT.


Jaze (Co-Founder, Art Director) | Twitter | Wiki​

Jaze is an Award-winning Creative Director/Animator responsible for directing the art and branding at Moonsie. He is the Founder/Creative Director at Pandastic Media and Moonlight Capital. His experience in creative directing for the past 9 years has been pivotal for Moonsie. His goal - To bring virality to Moonsie. More importantly, Jaze's calm and assertive nature brings out the best in those who work with him.

Darwin (Co-Founder, Marketing Director) | Twitter​

Darwin is in charge of directing, planning, and executing the marketing efforts & marketing-related matters at Moonsie. He has 7 years of experience as an audio engineer and web-app creator and had been running his own start-up at a young age. These invaluable experiences gave him a strong foundation in developing strategic business & marketing plans. He is passionate about connecting with people and is able to form trusted relationships across the NFT space naturally.

Kencode (Co-Founder, Tech Director) | Twitter​

Ken is responsible for leading the development of our smart contracts, tokenomics, and website. His wide-ranging tech skills allow him to lead the execution of Moonsie. His inclination toward tech has allowed him to create beautiful products empowered with technologies. Drowning in nostalgia, Moonsie is his attempt at creating the next generation social game.

Douglas (Project Operations) | Twitter​

Douglas is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Moonsie. He is the Co-Founder/Cinematographer at Pandastic Media. He brings a wealth of hands-on experience to his career behind the camera, coupled with his resourcefulness which has been crucial in forming strong support for the Moonsie team. His mantra - Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

TKDM14 (Lead Developer) | Twitter​

TKDM14 is responsible for leading the development of smart contracts, frontend, and backend infrastructure for Moonsie. His experience in engineering and full-stack development has made him a natural fit for Moonsie. He is at his peak performance in an RGB Hoodie, a cup of ice cream, and some background LoFi Music.

Chewtoro (Marketing Lead) | Twitter​

Chewtoro is responsible for managing communications with brands and partners. Chewtoro brings so much fun and joy to the team that we foresee a future where Chewtoro wears our unique Onesie to our NFT party.

Kenneth (Game Developer)

Kenneth is responsible for Game Programming & Development. He has written several game engines in the past and created multiple game projects in his years of gaming development career. Drawn to NFT by the ethos of the community, he believes in working closely with the community of players is makes up the difference between good games to great games.

Sean (Game Developer)

Sean is responsible for Game Design & Development, with over 6 years of experience in the industry. With a knack for creative game design, along with strong technical knowledge (C++, C#, and Unity3D), he has contributed to the launch of several game products for the game community in Singapore. Being involved in crypto for the past 6 years, he is excited to bring Moonsie NFT to life.

Itey (Game Developer) | Twitter​

Itey is responsible for developing our Moonsie games and the Moongem yielding events! He has valuable experience in developing and publishing Indie games, and his latest game has more than 15000+ downloads!


NFT has brought us friends, but Moonsie made us family.