Moonsie Docs


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Moonsie to start playing the game?

You only need 1 Moonsie to participate in the Battle Royale gameplay. The only way to obtain a Moonsie right now is to participate in our Minting Event in Q2.

How do I purchase MOONGEM?

MOONGEM token is not released yet. Token Generation Event will take place after the Moonsie Minting Event. Follow us on Twitter and Discord for further announcements.

What can I do with MOONGEM tokens?

MOONGEM is key to the Moonsie economy, and most in-game purchases and interactions will include the usage of MOONGEM, whether buying/selling Moonsies, battling rewards, or upgrading.

How many Moonsies will there be?

The collection and game begin with 5,555 Moonsies. To grow the ecosystem, a summoning system is in place to gradually introduce more players into the ecosystem.

Is Moonsie being audited?

Yes, our smart contracts will be fully audited. The team is committed to ensuring the safety and stability of the project.

Who's the team behind Moonsie?

Our team is born in Singapore - a team of onesies-loving humans with backgrounds in crypto, technology, and gaming working with a dream to build a true Play & Earn reward system in the future of social gaming. We envision a future where entertainment platforms such as AR, VR, and Competitive Games work toward creating a mutually beneficial relationship prioritizing the community and players.

What is Play-And-Earn in Moonsie?

Play & Earn fundamentally allows players the option to earn while enjoying a game. It is designed to reward users who form the heart of the game. Play & Earn is also inherently different from Play-To-Earn. Play & Earn in Moonsie has been deliberately crafted to ensure that the token rewards are a by-product of users enjoying the game. This means that the source of motivation for playing the game comes from pure fun and love for Moonsie gameplay instead of playing solely for the token reward system.

Which Network is Moonsie built on?

Moonsie NFT will be minted on the Ethereum network. ETH will be needed to mint a Moonsie NFT.
The gameplay involves a heavier usage of the underlying blockchain network, which brings us to build Moonsie on the [Redacted] network which features higher transactions throughput at a low cost. This means our users get to enjoy a game without the worry of paying excessive gas fees.
Building on the [Redacted] network also has the extra benefits of creating a more deflationary native token (MOONGEM).