Moonsie Docs



MOONGEM tokens are the lifeblood of the economy in Moonsie. The MOONGEM tokens act as the main token of value which gives it utility beyond a regular coin. When the Moonsie game launches on the [REDACTED] network, MOONGEM will be launched alongside it.
MOONGEM can be used to purchase Moonsie NFTs and in-game assets, leveling-up, breeding, staking, and many more.


MOONGEM token has a hard cap of 500,000,000 tokens.

Transactions & Rewards

The MOONGEM from every in-game transaction is distributed as follows:
  • 1% - Burned
  • 10% - Sent back to MOONGEM stakers
  • 35% - Sent back as Battle Royale rewards
  • 20% - Sent to the Development Fund, to pay for future game development and bounties
  • 17% - Sent to the Marketing Fund, to pay for advertising, airdrops, etc
  • 17% - Sent to the Founders Fund, used to pay milestone bonuses to the dev team
MOONGEM is the essence of this project, rewarding players an opportunity to earn valued tokens while playing a game they genuinely enjoy.
Find out how to get MOONGEM here at [REDACTED].