Moonsie Docs

Moonsie NFTs


Moonsie in the Moonverse is a utility-based NFT with a variety of uses. Fundamentally, Moonsie is a playable NFT character that is tradeable and transferable like any ERC721 NFT.


Each Moonsie has a primary attribute, namely 🌤Helios (Support), 🏔Gaia (Attacker), 🌊Poseidon (Defender). Moonsie inherits factional strengths and weaknesses that facilitate teamwork-centric gameplay.
Moonsies also have abilities, passives, and stats influenced by their faction. Moonverse map features different terrains, which create dynamic in-game interactions when Moonsies battle in those areas. So strategic maneuver and teamwork are keys to winning more battles in the Moonverse.

Summoning Recipe

To summon a new Moonsie, two Moonsies must first obtain the Summoning Recipe where the covenant between two Moonsies is tested. During this trial, MOONGEMS are presented and burned. Upon a successful trial, a MoonEgg will be granted. Then, this MoonEgg can then be hatched under proper care and sufficient exposure to Moonlight.

Training Grounds (Renting Moonsies)

In the Training Ground, Moonsies undergo training to become better at protecting their factions!
When you send your Moonsie to the Training Ground, it is being rented out to another player (Trainer) who gets to Battle & Earn on your behalf. The intention of this is to provide an entry opportunity for the new entrant players who would like to participate in Moonsie but are unable to obtain a Moonsie. By being a Trainer, they will be able to earn and accumulate MOONGEMS and eventually purchase their Moonsie from the Marketplace.
Training Ground Breakdown Returns:
  • 20% - Moonsie Owner
  • 80% - Moonsie Trainer

The Rarity of the First 5,555 Moonsies

"Generation" is one of the key valuation methods for Moonsies. The number of Moonsies available for Summoning is determined by the Generation of the Moonsie. Gen 0 is entitled to an Unlimited number of Summonings. Gen 1 is entitled to [REDACTED] number of Summonings.
Breakdown: Gen 0: 1200 Moonsies Gen 1: 4355 Moonsies
As Summoning is designed to be a key rewarding system for early players, this game concept was conceived carefully as we do not want to limit the utilities of future Moonsie Generations. The limited summonings in future Generations will be kept healthy and other strategic reward systems will kick into effect to reward future players when Moonsie has achieved its targeted number of players in mind.