Moonsie Docs

Moonsie Battle Royale

A fully decentralized play-and-earn battle royale game.

Getting Started

Moonsie is a mobile-based game, so all you need to set up your system is a compatible device with the MetaMask app installed. More information on the download process will be detailed in the next update.

Gameplay on Chain

Much of the gameplay in Moonsie happens in the battle royale mode. You can team up with friends to form a team, battle with others, and be rewarded with MOONGEMS. Like our NFTs, all Moonsies in-game assets live on the blockchain so players have complete control of their assets. Furthermore, all Moonsie gameplay interactions are processed on-chain transparently.
Players who enter Moonsie with an existing NFT will immediately be eligible for play-and-earn MOONGEMS rewards. MOONGEMS can be used to purchase Moonsie NFT, be swapped through DEX for ETH, or be traded for in-game items. More details can be found inMOONGEM Token.

Types and Abilities

The different types of Moonsies are largely recognizable from their unique traits, belonging to one of the three factions, which are Gaia, Helios, and Poseidon. This plays a part in the creation of dynamic and balanced gameplay that features supporter, defender, and attacker roles respectively.

Moonsie NFT Marketplace

Moonsie NFT is a playable NFT character as well as a digital asset. There will be an integrated marketplace for users to trade, buy or sell their Moonsie NFTs and other in-game digital items in the game.
Newly summoned Moonsie can be sold in the marketplace. This is the primary way of entering the Moonverse for future Moonsie participants, with more info to be found inMoonsie NFTs. Furthermore, in-game items such as weapons and cosmetics can be traded, bought, or sold.