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Lore - Day of Theia

The world of Moonsie was once in harmony when MOONGEMS were plentiful. And they grew in numbers, sharing freely with each other resources over multiple centuries. All their needs were met, they bask in the moonlight during the day and rested in a peaceful paradise.
It was once said that, every Moonsie was entrusted with a Treasure by the lunar deity, Selene. However, Selene has announced that this Treasure must be passed on through the generations but is locked away until the day of Theia. Generations after generations, Moonsies began to forget the origin of the Treasure and carried on with their lives.
Moonsies take pride in their fertility, however, they require lots of MOONGEMS to sustain this bountiful lifestyle. Eventually, the MOONGEMS became increasingly scarce, which caused some Moonsies to become unsatisfied. In a struggle to preserve their MOONGEMS, they turn to the words of Selene for solace. Every Moonsie soon began to look for ways to unlock the Treasure.
The first hint to the unlocking of the Treasure came when Moonverse was visited by the first alien that came from a distant green and blue globe. Together, they unlocked the mysteries of the Treasure. In a couple of lunar years, the first Treasure was unlocked and inside it stored a well-worn Onesie. A pattern was observed, amongst all the unlocked Treasures, a strong bond between the Moonsie and alien was a pre-requisite.
Every Moonsie puts on Onesie to prepare for the Grand Battle, to protect their MOONGEMS. And the rest is history.