Moonsie Docs


Last updated on 10 MAY 2022


Moonsie is a Play-and-Earn battle royale game built on a decentralized network. The game features an in-game currency (MOONGEMS), governance opportunities, and a market of utility-rich NFT items, which all together create a beautiful online social game.

The Motivation for Creating Moonsie

As big fans of the innovation happening in NFT, GameFi, and blockchain technology in general, our team had been wanting to truly own our in-game assets. Our team members have always looked back on the joy of battling with friends, owning in-game cosmetics, and landing rare weapons in our respective childhood games. To us, the time spent and virtual assets were real and valued. Once we decided this game needs to be built, we jumped headfirst into production, and Moonsie was born!

A Dedicated Team and a Shared Vision

We wanted a game that players of all skill levels could truly indulge in, where we take the best aspects of the current NFT Games and elevate them to a whole new level. We put our heart into every nook and cranny, from the rich game lore to every in-game ability. We’ve packaged the best tokenomics into a fun and synergistic game, rewarding our NFT holders and gamers with an engaging and meaningful social experience.